On Earth lives more than 7.5 billion, and each of them necessarily something afraid.

Today, we list the most frequent and consequently known phobia.


BTW, "Koulrofobiâ" is the fear of clowns.

Ablutofobiâ fear of swim
Ablutophobia fear of bathing
Abul′tofobiâ fear of wash
Agyrophobia fear move lively street
Agliofobiâ fear of pain
Agoraphobia fear of open spaces
Ailurophobia fear of cats
Aichmophobia fear of sharp objects
Aquaphobia fear of water
(also Hydrophobia)
Aknefobiâ fear of skin acne
Acrophobia fear of heights
Akribofobiâ fear does not understand the meaning of reading
Phonophobia fear of loud noises
Alektorofobiâ fear of chickens
Al′gofobiâ, algophobia fear of pain
Allodoksofobiâ the fear of others ' opinions
Amaksofobiâ fear of driving
Amatofobiâ fear of dust
Ambulofobiâ fear of walking
Amihofobiâ the fear of damaging the skin
Anablefobiâ fear of looking up
Anginofobiâ fear of stenokardičeskih attacks
Androphobia fear of men
(also arrhenfobiâ, gominofobiâ)
Anemofobiâ the fear of being caught by surprise by the storm
Anthophobia fear of flowers
Anuptafobiâ fear to remain single (unmarried)
Apejrofobiâ fear of infinity
Apopatofobiâ fear of latrines, fear to go to the restrooms
Fear of bees fear of bees, wasps, bumblebees
Arachnophobia fear of spiders
Aritmofobiâ phobia (a certain)
(also numerofobiâ)
Arrhenfobiâ cm. androphobia
Astrapofobiâ fear of storms, Thunder and lightning. To a greater extent peculiar to children
(also brontofobiâ, keraunofobiâ)
Astrofobiâ the fear of the night sky, the stars; partial astrapofobiâ
Ataksiofobiâ fear of violation coordinate movements
Atazagorafobiâ fear to forget or be forgotten
Aurofobiâ fear gold
Automisofobiâ fear of being dirty
Autophobia fear of loneliness (e.g., fear to be alone in a room)
the fear of your own selfishness
Afenfosmofobiâ fear of strangers touching
Ačluofobiâ fear of the dark
Aerophobia fear of flying on aircraft (aviafobiya)
Bazistazifobiâ fear of standing
(bazostazofobiâ, stazobazofobiâ)
Bazifobiâ fear of walking
(ambulofobiâ, bazofobiâ)
Bakteriofobiâ fear of contracting the bacteria from infected subjects, fear of worms, infectious insects
(bacillofobiâ, verminofobiâ, vermifobiâ, gel′mintofobiâ, vermiphobia)
Ballistofobiâ fear of bullets, missiles, throwing items
Barofobiâ fear lifting weights, gravity, gravity
Bateofobiâ acrophobia is the finding at a height (on the roof, balcony, high floor, catcher)
(acrophobia, aèrokrofobiâ, aèronosifobiâ, gipsifobiâ, giposofobiâ) fear of depths (ponds), manifests itself when swimming in reservoirs deep
Batofobiâ fear of tall buildings
Batrahofobiâ fear of frogs and toads
Battofobiâ fear of deep water
Bacillofobiâ fear of worms, infectious insects
(bakteriofobiâ, verminofobiâ, vermifobiâ, gel′mintofobiâ, vermiphobia)
Belenofobiâ fear of sharp objects, the pinprick
(belonefobiâ, belonofobiâ, oksifobiâ)
Bibliofobiâ fear of books, libraries
Blaptofobiâ fear to injure someone defeat
Blennofobiâ fear of slime
Bogifobiâ fear of ghosts, spirits, Devils, scarecrows, monsters
Botanofobiâ fear of plants
Bromgidrofobiâ fear of their own smell, Hyperhidrosis
(autodizomofobiâ, bromidrosifobiâ)
Bromidrosifobiâ fear of body smells
Brontofobiâ fear of storms, Thunder, lightning, storm
Bufonofobiâ fear of frogs and toads
Barbafobiâ fear of the moustache, beard, vegetation on the face
Venerofobiâ fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
Venustrafobiâ fear of beautiful women
Verminofobiâ fear of microorganisms, their infection, worms and insects
Vertigofobiâ fear of dizziness
Vikkafobiâ fear of witches and koldunij
Vinofobiâ fear of alcohol
Virginitifobiâ the fear of being raped
Vomitofobiâ fear of vomiting in wrong place
Gamofobiâ fear of marriage or the marriage
Haphephobia fear of touching the surrounding
Gafefobiâ fear of inadvertent touches
Geksakosiojgeksekontageksafobiâ fear of the number 666
Geliofobiâ fear of exposure to the Sun
Blood phobia fear of blood; When a person sees blood, he can either faint or start screaming
Heterophobia- a collective term for the phobia not in the clinical sense, and negative attitudes towards heterosexuality or geteroseksualam
Germafobiâ fear of contamination or infection
Gerontophobia fear of communicating with the elderly; fear of aging
Gephyrophobia fear pass over the bridge (a kind of bateofobii)
Gidrozofobiâ fear of sweating and catch a cold
Hydrophobia fear of water
fear of liquids
obsolete term for rabies (Hydrophobia earlier was considered one of its main symptoms)
Gimnofobiâ fear of nudity
Ginekofobiâ fear of women (anohoretizma variant)
Gipomonstrèskuipedalofobiâ fear of long words
Gipengiofobiâ fear of liability
Glenophobia (Russian) fear of dolls (fear of dolls look)
Globofobiâ fear of balloons
Glossofobiâ the fear of speaking in public
Gomilofobiâ fear of socializing, fear to show failure, ridicule, suspicious, to attract attention
Gominofobiâ cm. androphobia
Homophobia a collective term for the phobia not in the clinical sense, but negative, even sometimes aggressive attitude toward homosexuals or homosexuality
Grafofobiâ fear of writing, take in hand writing
Ochlophobia fear of crowds, crowds
Dermatopatofobiâ fear of contracting skin disease
Dinofobiâ fear of dizziness
Body dysmorphic disorder fear of its ugliness (frequently imaginary), the rejection of their appearance
Distantofobiâ fear of distances
Didaskalejnofobiâ fear of school
Dental anxiety fear of dentists
Doksofobiâ fear of praise
Zelofobiâ fear of jealousy
Zemmifobiâ fear of rats
Zoophobia fear of animals, most often of any particular species (cats, chickens, etc.)
Zoifobiâ fear of life
Ierofobiâ fear of meeting with religious items
Izolofobiâ fear of loneliness in life
Iofobiâ fear of accidental poisoning
Iremofobiâ fear of silence
Kajrofobiâ fear of new situations in unfamiliar places
Kardiofobiâ haunting fear of spontaneous cardiac arrest
Kancerofobiâ fear of cancer
Kenofobiâ fear of large blank spaces, such as an empty square
(a concept similar to agoraphobia)
Keraunofobiâ cm. brontofobiâ
Kipridofobiâ cm. venerofobiâ
Claustrophobia claustrophobia
Kleptofobiâ fear of thieves, often in old age, combined with obsessions robbing
Klimakofobiâ fear of walking on stairs
Koinofobiâ fear of entering the premises in which a lot of people
Kontrafobiâ obsessive provoking the situation, calling the fear, such as fear of heights is combined with a desire to become a pilot, flight attendant, etc.
Kopofobiâ phobia of overwork
Korofobiâ fear of dancing
Kosmosofobiâ fear of cosmic catastrophes
Kriminofobiâ fear to commit a crime
Kriofobiâ fear of cold and ice
Ksantofobiâ fear of yellow (a species of hromatofobii)
Xenophobia denotes not phobia in the clinical sense, stigmas, negative attitudes towards "strangers, foreigners, etc. d.
Kserofobiâ fear of dryness, drought
Komp′ûterofobiâ computer phobia
Lalofobiâ fear to speak out for fear of the emergence of stuttering
Laterofobiâ fear of lying on your left side (in kardiofobii)
Leprofobiâ fear of contracting leprosy
Ligirofobiâ fear of loud noises
Lissofobiâ haunting fear of going mad
Logofobiâ fear to unlearn saying words
Lutrafobiâ fear of otters
Malevziofobiâ fear of childbirth
(also tokophobia)
Maniofobiâ the fear of getting sick mental disorder
Megalofobiâ fear of huge objects
Medortofobiâ fear of erections
Melofobiâ fear of music
Menofobiâ fear of menstruation and accompanying pain
Metallofobiâ fear of metals and metal objects
Metifobiâ fear of alcohol
Mezofobiâ haunting fear of infection, infection and subsequent disease
Mysophobia fear of contamination
Mikofobiâ fear of mushrooms
Mikrofobiâ fear of microbes
Mikseofobiâ fear of sexual intercourse for fear of genital nudity, touching the body of the partner
Monofobiâ fear of loneliness, fear of being ottorgnutym and unloved
phobia, which is not combined with other phobias
Morfinofobiâ fear of becoming morfinistom
Motorofobiâ fear of cars
Necrophobia fear of corpses, funerals, funeral supplies
Neofobiâ fear of everything new
Nefofobiâ fear of clouds
Niktofobiâ fear of the dark, the onset of night, agonizing waiting for insomnia
Nozofobiâ haunting fear of contracting incurable disease
Numerofobiâ phobia (a certain)
Odontofobiâ fear of contact with a dentist, dental treatment
Ombrofobiâ fear of being caught in the rain
Ommatofobiâ fear of "spoiling" and "evil eye"
Onanofobiâ fear of the negative effects of masturbation
Ohlofobiâ fear of unmanageable crowds
(also ochlophobia)
Ostnofobiâ fear of sleep
Parazitofobiâ fear of worms, fleas, bedbugs and other parasites
Pantofobiâ fear of just what can happen
(panfobiâ, panofobiâ)
Paralipofobiâ fear of harm to relatives as a result of any careless and erroneous actions
Paraskavedekatriafobiâ the fear of Friday, 13-th day of the month
Partenofobiâ fear of virgins
Patrojofobiâ fear of heredity, genetic disorders
Pejrafobiâ fear of public performance
Pedofobiâ fear of children
fear of the birth of a child in the family
fear of dolls that resemble babies
Peladofobiâ fear of balding
Peniafobiâ fear of becoming a beggar
Penisofobiâ fear of male genitalia (more often in women, it also happens in men)
Penterafobiâ fear of the mother-in-law
Pettofobiâ neuderžaniâ fear of intestinal gas in the presence of strangers
Pirofobiâ fear of fire
Pogonofobiâ fear of beards
Potamofobiâ fear of fast currents, whirlpools
Polifobiâ the fear of many things
Psihofobiâ fear of mental illness and the mentally ill
Pteranofobiâ fear of feathers
Rabdofobiâ fear of punishment
Radiophobia fear of radiation and x-rays
Rektofobiâ the fear of difficulty during defecation
Ripofobiâ fear of dirt
(also mezofobiâ)
Rubrofobiâ fear of the color red
(also èritrofobiâ)
Russophobia fear of rejection or denial of everything connected with "Russian"
Redingofobiâ fear to read criminal Chronicle, reports of accidents
Satanofobiâ fear of Satan
(also demonofobiâ)
Selafobiâ fear of bright light flashes
Siderodromofobiâ fear drive in railway transport, particularly during acceleration
Sifilofobiâ haunting fear of contracting syphilis
Sitofobiâ fear of eating, such as ulcers, chronic diarrhea, nausea, stomach disorders
(Greek. ????? -food) haunting fear — fear of eating; observed mainly at neurosises, psihopatiâh
a full or partial waiver of food on delusional explanation in the presence of secure management of appetite, observed in psihozah
Skabiofobiâ fear of scabies
(also akriofobiâ)
Skopofobiâ the fear of seeming ridiculous, to attract attention
(also skoptofobiâ)
Skotofobiâ fear of the dark, a synonym of niktofobiâ
(Greek. ?????? — Darkness)
Social anxiety disorder fear of society or people in General
Spektrofobiâ fear of mirrors
Spidofobiâ haunting fear of contracting Aids
Stazobazofobiâ fear of walking and standing
Somnifobiâ fear of going to bed
Simitofobiâ fear of Jews
Talasofobiâ fear of the sea voyages
Tanatofobiâ fear of death
Tahofobiâ fear of speed
Telefonofobiâ fear of talking on the phone
Teofobiâ the fear of God, any mentions or conversations about God
Termofobiâ fear of heat, heated premises
Tetraphobia fear of the number 4
Technophobia fear of domination of technology (particularly e-mail); negative perceptions of the social implications of technological progress
Tokophobia cm. malevziofobiâ
Toksikofobiâ fear of poison
Topofobiâ fear remain one indoors, fear that you will not be able to escape in case of fire, earthquake or any natural disaster more
Tremofobiâ fear of jitter
Tripanofobiâ fear of injections
Triskaidekaphobia fear of the number 13
(also terdekafobiâ)
Trihofobiâ fear of falling hair in your food, clothing, body
Uranium phobia fear of looking up at the sky
Urofobiâ fear of the urge to urinate in the face of the impossibility of its realization (fear describe)
Uretrofobiâ fear House needs minor
Fagofobiâ fear of choking food
Fazmofobiâ fear of ghosts, spirits, etc. Paranormal creatures (phenomena)
Farmakofobiâ fear of receiving pharmaceuticals
Fengofobiâ fear of sunlight
Filemafobiâ fear of kisses
Filofobiâ fear of falling in love
Phobophobia the fear of having a phobia
Fotofobia fear of light
Frankofobiâ the fear of all French
Harpaksofobiâ fear of thieves
Hilofobiâ fear forest (getting lost, to meet with the wild beasts)
Hionofobiâ fear of snow
Hipengiofobiâ fear of liability
Hoplofobiâ fear of knives
Hrematofobiâ fear of touching the money (often in combination with mezofobiej)
Hromatofobiâ fear of any color
Hronofobiâ fear of time (form prison neurosis)
Cenofobiâ fear of empty rooms
Cibofobiâ fear of food
Ciklofobiâ fear of cyclists, two-wheeled transport
Èjzoptrofobiâ cm. spektrofobiâ
Èjhofobiâ fear to hear or pronounce good wishes
Èozofobiâ fear of the occurrence of the day (time of day)
Èlektrofobiâ fear of electricity
Èmetofobiâ fear of vomiting
Èmihofobiâ fear of scratching
Èpistaksofobiâ fear of nasal bleeding
Èrgaziofobiâ fear of committing any actions, movements
Èrgofobiâ fear of work
Èritrofobiâ fear of blush, the neurotic fear arises when considering items dyed red
Erotophobia fear of sex
Âtrofobiâ haunting that extends beyond the usual framework, fear of doctors
Phobia in relation to living organisms
Ailurophobia fear of cats
(also ailurofobiâ, gatofobiâ, galeofobiâ, èlurofobiâ)
Fear of bees fear of bees, wasps,
(also melissofobiâ)
Agrizoofobiâ fear of wild animals
Alektorofobiâ fear of chickens, chicks
Arahnefobiâ fear of spiders
(also Arachnophobia)
Bakteriofobiâ fear of contamination by microbes
(also bacillofobiâ, sikrofobiâ)
Baktrahofobiâ fear of reptiles, reptiles
Bacillofobiâ cm. bakteriofobiâ
Blennofobiâ fear of slime
Bufonofobiâ fear of frogs and toads
Verminofobiâ fear of bacteria, microbes, become infected, contagious worms, insects
Herpetophobia fear of reptiles, reptiles, snakes
Gippofobiâ fear of horses
Dorafobiâ fear of overgrown hair after touching the skin of the animal fur or skin of animals
Zemmifobiâ fear of rats
Izopterofobiâ fear of insects that eat wood, termites
Entomophobia fear of insects
Ihtiofobiâ fear of fish
Cynophobia fear of dogs that bite a frenzied dog
Knidofobiâ fear of stinging insects, bites
Lutrafobiâ fear of otters
Mikrofobiâ fear of microbes
Myrmecophobia fear of ants
Mottefobiâ fear of moths
Musofobiâ fear of mice
Ostrakonofobiâ fear of shellfish
Ofidiofobiâ phobia of snakes
(also èpistemofobiâ)
Parazitofobiâ fear of worms, fleas, bedbugs and other parasites
Pedikulofobiâ fear of pediculosis
Pteranofobiâ fear of a bird's feathers
Ranidafobiâ fear of frogs
Selahofobiâ the fear of sharks
Sikrofobiâ cm. bakteriofobiâ
Vermiphobia fear of worms, infectious insects
Sfeksofobiâ fear of wasps
Taurofobiâ fear of bulls
Teniofobiâ fear of contamination of tape worms; kind nozofobii
Ftiriofobiâ fear of pediculosis
Èkvinofobiâ fear of horses
Èlurofobiâ fear, cats
Ènomofobiâ fear of insects
Èpistemofobiâ cm. ofidiofobiâ

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